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IT Services



At EGC Soft, our IT services aren’t limited to the servicing and repair of IT equipment. We also provide cybersecurity services to ensure that you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware. Since you would be doing all of your work online after migrating to the cloud, the chances of a cyber attack will become quite high. An ordinary antivirus might not be able to keep away the attackers and they might easily infiltrate your business files and documents. Our cybersecurity experts can put in place measures that will ensure this does not happen. They will set up firewalls and security checkpoints in addition.


Managed Services

IT is a very broad field. It encompasses various aspects. From the security of the network to the technical support needed to resolve issues, everything comes under the umbrella of IT services. At EGC Soft, we take care of all of your IT needs. The transition to the cloud can be a big change for your employees. This is where our IT services can help. We can work with your employees and train them on how to use the software and IT equipment that is part of the cloud setup. Our IT experts will remain on hand to answer queries of your staff at all times and offer solutions to problems they might face.

Repair and Maintenance of IT Equipment

The IT infrastructure is composed of a variety of interconnected parts. If one of these parts fails, it will have an impact on the entire system. Equipment malfunctions are quite common but they shouldn’t hamper your business in any way. We can help you ensure that. Our IT technicians will be available 24/7 to deal with equipment malfunctions and get them up and running in the shortest possible time. They cannot only come to the premises to perform the necessary repairs or guide your employees remotely on how to get the system back up and running. We will also provide maintenance of the IT equipment.


Web Designing

Our IT services can help you with the designing of your website too. A company’s website is its face on the internet. Its design is of critical importance as it can make a good first impression on possible customers. Most businesses fail to capitalize on this and pay little to no attention on their website’s design. At EGC Soft, we take web designing seriously. Our team of talented and experienced web designers can help you create the best possible design for your website.


Data Recovery

We help customers recover data from all file systems including Macintosh, Windows and Linux, and all drive models including WD, Seagate, Hitachi or any other model you may have. We are certified in working with all types of servers including NAS, RAID arrays and other complex storage media. Got an Android or iOS device? We can help you recover your priceless data and deal with all problems ranging from deleted files to water damage.

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